What Electric Trucks Mean for Fleets

Today, fleet companies are quickly acquiring vehicles with new and advanced technologies and telematics to stay ahead of the competition. In such a cut-throat environment, it’s understandable that the industry is collectively eyeing new electric vehicles that they can add to their fleet. With these electric truck fleets, the industry can move into a new era for fleet vehicles and explore the various compelling advantages of eco-friendly vehicles.

Thanks to all-electric power, impressively connected technology, elevated drive experience, and numerous praise-worthy capabilities, the Ford F-150 Lightning stands out as the go-to electric truck for fleet companies.

The Power of F-Series

The F-series of Ford already includes the US’s best-selling trucks for 44 years. However, it’s about to change the landscape of the trucking and fleet industry with its incredible F-150 Lightning, which offers the undeniable benefits of electrification and offers advanced telematics, brilliant powerhouse, torque, an unmatched drive, high-tech trunk, and the undisputed ability to power your home if required!

The F-150 Lightning – the Future Is Here 

There’s no denying the almost futuristic power of the F-150 Lightning and how its inclusion in the electric truck fleets can transform the way fleets operate today. After all, it’s the smartest and most innovative truck the reputable vehicle-manufacturing conglomerate has produced. It’s undoubtedly the first big step that we can take toward a digitally connected, zero-emission future.

Highly Connected Features

This beast of a vehicle offers an inventive array of intelligent, highly connected features that can be improved with over-the-air software updates. Moreover, the FordPass app offers convenient access to remote vehicle controls and charging stations. The BlueCruise provides exceptional hands-free driving on the highway and bust roads.

It also comes with Onboard Scales that you can use to estimate payload and tell your customers the weight they are hauling. It’s integrated with Intelligent Range to ensure the vehicle gives you an accurate estimate of how far it can go with the payload. The F-150 Lightning also has the Pro Trailer Hitch Assist, which controls the throttle, steering, and brake inputs to make hitching easier.

Durability and Capacity

The Ford F-150 Lightning is powered by dual in-board motors and is built to take on rough terrains effortlessly. Thanks to its durable, military-grade aluminum-alloy body, this truck is hands-down one of the strongest to have been ever produced. It has a new independent rear suspension that contributes to an improved, comfortable ride. Plus, it features an all-new frame made from the strongest steel. This vehicle offers up to 10,000-pound towing capacity and can easily support a maximum 2,000-pound payload.

With this vehicle, you can comfortably go off-road, thanks to its 4×4 system with four drive modes –Normal, Sport, Off-Road, and Tow/Haul. Its rugged, underbody protection with metal skid plates keeps the battery and inboard motors safe from damage on rough terrains. The battery is also safely put inside a waterproof container, surrounded by crash-absorption and temperature protection.

Innovative Digital Experience 

The F-150 Lightning has a sleek, modern interface, designed to adapt to driver behavior and supported by a 15.5-inch touch screen. It also has SYNC 4A that employs cloud-connected navigation and natural voice control and offers wireless access to your favorite services – integrated Amazon Alexa, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and SYNC AppLink apps.

The 12-inch instrument cluster elevates the digital experience with its customizable interface and naturally surfacing key information. The animated graphics relay how well you are bringing power back to the truck via regenerative braking and the way your vehicle is performing in hands-free highway driving mode

A Brilliant Power Source

The F-150 Lightning features Ford Intelligent Backup Power, which ultimately turns your truck into a massive power source for your house. It offers the ability to offload 9.6 kilowatts of power to keep the lights on during power outages while offering security by powering your home’s security systems and related appliances. Once the power to your home is restored, your truck will automatically revert to charging its battery. Depending on your electricity usage, the truck can power your home completely for up to three days and up to ten days if the power is rationed.

Space Under the Hood

The F-150 Lightning comes with a versatile goof that offers a high-tech mega power frunk with a dedicated, secure, and accessible storage space. This spacious area can carry 400 pounds of payload and 400 liters of volume. Designed with bumper-height clearance, this impressively waterproof space is equipped with two USB chargers, four electrical outlets, and a drainable floor that you can use in a food or beverage container. With 2.4 kilowatts of power, you can use it to plug in power tools, speakers, TVs, laptops, and more appliances.

Power on the Go

This brilliant, futuristic vehicle also offers on-the-go power capabilities. With its enhanced Pro Power Onboard, you can use the built-in electrical outlets to power a wide array of tools, appliances, and electronics on the go.

Agreeable Price

One of the finest aspects of the F-150 Lightning is that despite its advanced features and capabilities, the starting price is at par with the similarly configured F-150 trucks. It means that fleet companies can surely invest in this accessible truck without worrying about blowing their budget.

Easy Transition to Electric Vehicles with Convenient Recharging

Ford offers you a standard 80-amp charge station with the dual onboard charging system of the electric truck for faster at-home charging. The F-150 Lightning offers an average range of 30 miles per charging hour. With FordPass, you have access to North America’s largest public charging network. It has over 63,000 charging plugs. With a 150-kilowatt DC fast charger, the extended-range vehicle will offer you 54 miles of range within 10 minutes.

High-Tech Design

F-150 Lightning is a distinctive, modern, and sleek truck designed with a high-tech flair. It features signature LED lightbars across the rear and front, three new grille designs, shaped running boards, and a sculpted hood. It also comes with an enhanced 360-degree Zone Lighting feature, which can light up any area around the truck. It offers the same cab and bed dimensions as the other trucks in F-series.

Without a doubt, the Ford F-150 Lightning is designed to offer a complete experience to fleet companies and their customers. When you invest in the F-150 Lightning, you’re essentially paving the way to the future of electric vehicles and changing the way the fleet industry operates. With this vehicle, we can hope to see a sustainable future with electric truck fleets!