Don’t Be Punk’d by The Mechanic

Imagine that you are at the auto shop because there was a knocking sound in your engine. You head to the mechanic’s and he tells you your septum flanges are broken. You have no idea what that is but it sounds bad. Would you be surprised to find out that’s not a real condition for a vehicle to have? In fact, that has nothing to do with your vehicle. If a mechanic were to come up to you with real names to fake problems would you know? Whether you’re having Rental trucks or personal trucks inspected, it’s always good to have an idea what goes on under the hood.

Do Your Research

Of course, all vehicles need regular maintenance or repairs. If a mechanic tells you something is wrong, especially if they say it’s an additional fix to the first one you brought in in for, you should look it up. It never hurts to understand your vehicle and it can definitely save you a lot of money if a mechanic is being less than honest with you. There are a number of sites and forums where gear heads gather to discuss trucks. Rental trucks will be maintained by the dealer so it’s comforting to know that shouldn’t be a problem.

What to Do?

There is no reason you have to leave your vehicle with a mechanic you don’t trust. You are the customer and have the right to get the appropriate service from someone that makes you feel comfortable. Just remember that when you leave yourself uninformed there’s not much you can do to figure out whether you’re being take advantage of by a corrupt mechanic. Find someone you trust or just get a pickup rental and definitely be sure to get the regular maintenance like oil changes, spark plugs and tune-ups. You should especially get any warning lights checked out as soon as possible.