Diesel Operated Vehicle Costs

Gasoline and diesel power the world. While there may be alternative fuels out there, commerce and trade are driven by fossil fuels. When 67 percent of U.S. fuel is provided by fossil fuels, even electric cars are likely to be powered from long dead dinosaurs. Gas mileage ratings are an important concern when discussing buying or pickup rental options. Depending on fuel economy and type of setup you may end up paying costs you didn’t expect.

Pain at The Pump

Everyone knows that gas prices have a nasty tendency to change almost constantly on a week-by-week basis. One minute they are skyrocketing nearly an entire dollar and the next they are dropping to more reasonable rates. Diesel fuel and gasoline will often have different costs separate in how they are affected. Diesel fuel may be more expensive at the pump but much of the time diesel engines get a much better mileage rating than gasoline engines will by about 20-30 percent.

Cost of Repairs

Owning your own diesel truck may be more expensive to repair than rental trucks. Based on the uncommon nature of diesel vehicles it costs more by default since the economic nature of supply and demand. The parts to repair them are not as mass produced. Some auto mechanics may also be less experienced with diesel mechanics. The benefit of rental trucks is that the rental dealer will take charge of the repairs and maintenance costs. Not having to bother with little details like that can be a great stress relief. They will have their own equipment contacts and mechanics.

A Greener Diesel

Once upon a time diesel fuels were far more polluting. There is still a ways to go but because they are more efficient than many gasoline powered vehicles. Currently they are required to meet the same standards as other vehicles when it comes to emissions.