Crew, Extended or Regular Cabs?

The pickup truck has become a modern staple of the family vehicle, landing a spot right next to the minivan in many driveways. With many pickups being used as everyday vehicles, it comes as no surprise that the cab has also been evolving overtime. These vehicles were often used as rental trucks for farmers and construction workers alike for projects and jobs, usually only being able to seat two people.

As pickup rentals gained more attention from the public, places such as Flex Fleet began to offer a weekend pickup rental for recreational use. Obviously more seating capacity is needed to fit a family, but how much room do you need? Here are the three cab sizes many should consider when selecting a pickup truck.

Regular Cab

This cab is recommended for the average worker who still only uses their truck for projects and jobs. With a regular cab comes affordability, as it is the cheapest out of the three sizes, but it also offers less room. These trucks are designed to transport a driver, one passenger and the cargo in the bed of the truck, such as farming material and power tools.

If all you need is to get the job done, the regular cab pickup is the truck for you.

Crew Cabs

The most expensive out of the three also proves to be the most practical. These trucks are meant to serve those who have frequent passengers and need more inside room. The crew may be expensive up front; however, these trucks also maintain a high resale value due to their popularity.

If you carry friends or family with you most of the time, it’s worth investing in a roomy crew cab pickup truck.

Extended Cabs

These trucks are popular among those who want more inside storage room, since the seating room has been decreased from the crew cab. If you have a few passengers occasionally, but often carry cargo inside your vehicle, this is the truck for you. With an extended cab, you can be assured the maximum amount of cargo space and a fair market price.

The truck of your choice should fit your everyday needs, so don’t hesitate to take each of them out for a test drive before you decide on your next pickup rental.