Which Is Better, Diesel or Gasoline?

In comparing diesel trucks and regular gasoline trucks, there is no clear cut winner. It really all depends on what sort of task you are doing. When providing rental trucks to clients, here at Flex Fleet we want make sure clients get the right truck for their specific project. For this purpose, we provide trucks that take either diesel fuel or gasoline.

What’s the Difference?

Both diesel and gasoline engines convert fuel to energy through small combustions within. The major difference between diesel engines and gas engines is how the fuel is ignited. In a gasoline engine, the fuel is mixed with air then ignited by a spark from the spark plug. In a diesel engine, air is compressed before the fuel is introduced. When compressed, the air heats up enough to ignite the diesel fuel when it is added.

The Benefits of Gasoline Engines

Gasoline has its perks. While the towing capabilities of a gas engine are inferior to diesel engines, it provides more responsive performance. On the other hand, diesel is slower, but more reliable for long periods of heavy hauls.

Gasoline engines are much less complex than diesel engines. If you’ve got a trouble vehicle on your hands, then you’d better hope it’s a gas engine because it’ll be easier to fix. If you’re getting your rental trucks through Flex Fleet, you shouldn’t have too many problems with broken vehicles because we make sure to only provide vehicles that are in good condition.

The Benefits of Diesel Engines

Like we mentioned earlier, diesel engines are the workhorse of trucks. Diesels can tow heavier loads than gas engines. Diesel fuel is more energy dense than gasoline. This makes diesel fuel more fuel efficient than gasoline. Additionally, the way that diesel fuel burns allows diesel engines to crank out way more torque than gas engines.

Diesel engines are built to withstand higher compression force than gasoline engines. Some diesel engines can go 900,000 miles before needing any major repairs.

When considering getting rental trucks for your project, consider these two great types of trucks. Depending on your project you may want diesel trucks or gas trucks or a combination of both.

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