Beginner Tips for the First Time Fleet Renter

Starting a short-term project for the first time can be overwhelming. From choosing and preparing the job site, attaining hardworking and capable workers and gathering the seemingly endless amount of supplies, it can be enough to make anybody’s head spin.

Through the whirlwind, Flex Fleet Canada aims to relieve some of that stress and make your first time pickup rental the easiest and most stress-free aspect of your project experience. With these tips and our impeccable customer service, you can gain the correct knowledge and be well on your way to renting the perfect fleet of pickups for your project needs.

Choosing the Right Truck

Flex Fleet’s variety of trucks makes it easy to find the truck that is right for you. Whether you are looking for flatbed rental, a truck that can tow up to 26,600 lbs. or desire added technology, we aim to provide you with exactly what you are looking for and nothing less.

Categorized by industry, location and size, our website provides you with a list of everything we offer and what we can customize for your industry specific needs.

Take Advantage of Nationwide Delivery

One of the most unique and amazing things we do here at Flex Fleet is provide renters with the option to have your fleet of rental trucks delivered to you anywhere in the continental United States. Whether your job site is located deep in the remote area of the Cascade Mountains in Washington or at the tip of the Florida peninsula, we can deliver a single truck or entire fleet wherever your company desires.

Get a Quote Today

Flex Fleet offers the Quick Quote feature that helps you get a quote of your desired order as soon as possible. Just by entering your name, phone number, email, company and location you can see what it will cost and how you can begin to rent your desired fleet.

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