5 Awesome Alternative Uses for Rental Trucks

5 Awesome Alternative Uses for Rental Trucks

Let’s say you’ve rented rental trucks. Let’s also say that you’ve done your job with the rental, and instead of returning it, you’ve convinced yourself to make the most of the rental. Rather than performing crazy stunts for your YouTube channel, you want to use the rental trucks for something memorable, yet safe. Fresh out of ideas? Here are a few ways to optimize the time you have left with your rental.

Truck Bed Pool

If you haven’t seen or done this before, you’ll definitely want to, especially if you’ve rented a rental trucks and have a truck bed available. All you need for this fun project is a tarp or an inflatable swimming pool and water. Inviting people over for additional fun is optional.

Go Camping

Camping can be a blast if you enjoy it in the first place, but going camping can be difficult if you have a smaller car. Now that you have a truck, you can take it to the lake, up the mountain or to the dunes. Or, if you want to stay local, try propping up a tent in the bed of the truck to still get the outdoor experience.

Have a Tailgate Party

This one is a no-brainer. Now that it’s football season, take one of the rental trucks to a tailgate party or throw one of your own. You can even mix it up a little bit and adapt some alternative ideas for the back of the truck.

Take a Nap

If the weather is nice and you’ve rented a pickup truck, then try filling the bed with an inflatable mattress, pillows, blankets and other soft things. Once you’ve done that, feel free to face away from the sun and relax for a while. Inviting other people is optional.

Have a Regular Party

Most of these ideas are for those who have rented pickup trucks. However, if you’ve rented a bigger truck and have read through this article wondering how you could make the most of your money, then try this: throw a party in your truck. As long as you don’t damage it and clean up the inside after, go to town by getting balloons, fun lights, snacks, drinks and music. Who knows? It may be the most memorable party you’ll ever have.
Renting a truck can be a hassle, especially when you have so much more to balance. However, it doesn’t have to be. Make the most of your rental by adapting some of these ideas into your schedule and see what all you can do with your truck.

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