3 Things You Should Check With Your Rental Truck

There’s not many other things that are more worse than having a broken down truck at the job site. You spent good money to have these rental trucks for your job, and you should expect that at the very least, they work.

Luckily at Flex Fleet, we can assure you that our rental trucks will not only work for you, they’ll also be able to handle any tough job you throw their way. But we unfortunately don’t live in a world of absolutes, and even though all of our rental trucks are new, have low miles, the most advance technology and are properly maintained, there’s still a tiny possibility that something could go wrong with your truck.

There hasn’t been a complaint with our trucks so far, and we don’t expect that happening anytime soon. But if you want to make sure there’s zero chance of running into trouble on the road with your truck, here are three things you should take a look at.

#1 Check the Engine

Transparency is key with our clients, and if you want to inspect the engines of our trucks before you make your decision, then you’re more than welcomed to it. You can even turn the engine on before you sign, and if you hear something unsettling coming from engine block, then let us know and we’ll inspect it for you.

#2 Check the Brake Pads

If you’re travelling a ways to get to your next job, you’ll want to make sure the brakes on your rental trucks aren’t going to fall apart on the highway. Being as our trucks are on average less than two years old, our brakes are still pretty brand new, but we understand if you want to test them out.

#3 Check the Oil

If you want your truck running at top performance, you’ll have to make sure your oil is changed routinely. If you’re renting our trucks for a longer period of time, you’ll want to check in on the oil occasionally.

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